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Visit Sarasota County launches Arts website
aimed at Cultural Travellers

With the designation of Florida’s Cultural Coast, Sarasota County is where artistic expression and inspiration meet.  Launched last week, the arts website,, is a comprehensive portal to educate and inform visitors about Sarasota County’s arts and cultural offerings.

“The creation of the arts website is part of an overall drive to further highlight Sarasota’s arts and cultural offerings,” says Stephanie Grosskreutz, managing director at Visit Sarasota County. “We worked closely with representatives from the area’s arts and cultural organizations to develop a site that would best represent the quality, and array, of offerings available.”

The robust site includes rich content, videos, images and listings related to Sarasota County’s arts, culture and heritage offerings.  The site is divided into seven categories. Each category is divided into several sub-categories allowing for further and more specialized exploration of a particular genre of interest. A calendar of events for each category, where appropriate, are also available making it easy for visitors to plan their stay in the destination.

The seven categories and their sub-categories are as follows:
  • Visual Arts (Museums, Galleries, Districts& Neighborhoods,  Guides and Tours, Calendar of Events)
  • Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Opera, Dance, Attractions, Off the Beaten Path, Calendars of Events)
  • Heritage, History & Education (Classes and Arts Schools, Literary Art, Lectures, Circus, Tours, Calendar of Events)
  • Entertainment Arts (Film, Comedy, Off the Beaten Path, Calendar of Events)
  • Festivals (Film Festivals, Sarasota Music Festival, Harvey Milk Festival, Chalk Festival, RIAF, Calendar of Events)
  • Architecture (Sarasota School of Architecture, Tour Sarasota Architecture and Tour Venice Architecture Guides)
  • Attractions & Other Interests ( Children and Family, Public Art, Buying Art)

The website is part of an overall effort to brand Sarasota County as a destination for arts and to attract cultural tourists to the destination.  In the coming year, the VSC will advertise in select Playbills and will spread the cultural messaging to key travel media and travel influencers in key target markets where culturally-savvy travelers reside. 

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About Sarasota County

Located on Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sarasota County offers a vibrant arts and cultural scene, a diverse array of culinary experiences and a variety of opportunities to take advantage of the clear waters and the great outdoors. Sarasota County provides the quintessential, laid-back beach getaway with numerous sprawling, white-sand beaches, including Siesta Key Beach, named “America’s Best Beach” in 2011 by Stephen Leatherman, aka, Dr. Beach. Dubbed “Home of the American Circus,” Sarasota County served as the headquarters for the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus for 75 years, and visitors can experience its unique circus heritage first-hand by following the circus trail or catching a performance by one of two local circus companies. For more information on visiting Sarasota County, visit or call (800) 522-9799.