Follow Mandela’s Dream

A unique opportunity to examine Nelson Mandela’s legacy and see the challenges facing South Africa today

Almost two decades on from the end of Apartheid, South Africa is an amazing success story. It remains a multi-racial democracy and a regional power. But 18 years after Nelson Mandela helped bring the ANC into power, the party that fought so hard for change is struggling to meet the needs of its own supporters. Ordinary South Africans lack basic services, unemployment is high, and leading ANC members stand accused of corruption.

Political Tours have arranged a journey that will take you to the very heart of these problems with first-rate speakers and guests briefing you on the latest issues affecting the country. Ordinary South Africans of all backgrounds give their perspective on whether the country can keep Mandela’s dream of a united, prosperous and democratic South Africa alive.

Highlights of the tour include:

Analysis of rural development, and home visits

A visit to Jacob Zuma’s extensive new compound

Tour of Soweto new and old

Visit to an SA mine – one of the key sectors of the economy

Visit to The South African Stock Exchange

Analysis of South Africa’s key problems from infrastructure to unemployment

Stays in some of South Africa’s best hotels, and meals offering the huge range of South African cuisine

Political Tours was created by former New York Times Balkans Correspondent, Nicholas Wood, with the aim of giving people practical and first-hand insight into some of the most critical regions in the world. Nick explains, “We put great emphasis on trying to understand issues at a grassroots level. Participants come face-to-face with local communities. We meet villagers, sit down with families in communities, and meet with local leaders.

“Between meetings and visits, analysts, diplomats, and journalists provide excellent analysis. Participants also get to meet the politicians and international officials in the countries concerned. Tour members can pose their own questions and make up their own minds.

“Our aims are serious but we also want people to have fun. Learning is combined with good hotels and dining as well as visits to cultural and historical sites.”

Nick Wood was named as one of the Top Travel Specialists of 2012 by Conde Nast (USA).

South Africa, Mandela’s Dream takes place from 19-27 January 2013. The cost is £3200 (flights not included) and there is a single supplement of £400.

To find out more about this and future tours (which include Kosovo, Bosnia, Libya, China, Russia, Korea and Greece) visit or call 0843 289 2349

Photographs courtesy of ©Thyss Dullaart