Visit Vincent’s Native Soil During Van Gogh’s Inner Circle Exhibition

Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands, is Vincent’s Homeland. This is where Van Gogh was born

Visitors can get to know the Van Gogh family here: what was their life like in 19th century Brabant? Where did father Theodorus van Gogh preach and where did Vincent go to school? Who were his first models and where did the love of his life live? At the Van Gogh locations in Brabant, visitors enter the world of a young Vincent van Gogh. A perfect addition to the exhibition Van Gogh’s Inner Circle in Het Noordbrabants Museum.


Exhibition The Master’s Roots (permanent)
The permanent presentation The Master’s Roots in the Vincent van Gogh House (Vincent van GoghHuis) zooms in on the artist’s youth. Vincent himself takes you by the hand in a radio play that tells of his special bond with his brother Theo and of his parents’ worries.

  • €6.50 per person
  • Wednesday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 17:00
  • Audiotour in Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese

Van Gogh’s native soil tour – Zundert
The Zundert-born theatre-maker Peter Dictus has been inspired by Vincent van Gogh since he was a little boy. Peter shows you Vincent’s birthplace: Zundert. The tour starts in the Van Gogh House. Peter then also opens the doors of the church where Van Gogh’s father preached for 22 years and shows you the grave of Vincent’s elder brother and namesake.

  • €30 per person
  • Bookings and availability:
  • Dutch-English

Letters in the Protestant church Zundert
As an exception, the doors of the Protestant church in Zundert will open for Van Gogh lovers this year. Members of the local Protestant parish will be present in the church to answer questions about this special place. Visitors can also read Van Gogh’s letters from the place where Vincent heard his father preach as a child.

  • € 17.50 per person (including a visit to the Vincent van Gogh House and coffee and cake)
  • 22 + 29 September, 20 + 27 October, 10 + 17 November, 8 + 15 December, 5 + 12 January. 13:30 – 17:00.
  • Dutch-English

Exhibition Longing for Holland (12 Oct. 2019 to 26 Jan. 2020)
The Vincent Van Gogh House shows work by Suze Robertson (1855-1922). She was seen as the female counterpart of Van Gogh. She painted the people of Brabant with passion. Part of Longing for Holland – Artists discover Dongen organized by the Vincent Van Gogh House Zundert and Stedelijk Museum Breda. The landscape, the Brabant peasants, the weavers and especially the ‘potato eaters’ are motifs for the 19th century artists from the Brabant village of Dongen who inspired Van Gogh.

Van Gogh cycling routes through Zundert*
These Van Gogh cycling routes will introduce you to the six Van Gogh Monuments in Zundert and the beautiful countryside in and around De Pannenhoef, De Moeren and Oude Buissche Heide. Like a true romantic Vincent had a close bond with the forest and the heath. He wandered around them frequently.

Zundert: birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and source of inspiration
Vincent van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in the Catholic village of Zundert on the Belgian border. He was the son of the pastor. He lived there until he was 16, and the environment surrounding his Protestant family, the farming village and the vast countryside formed him as a person and as an artist


Van Gogh cycle route through Tilburg and Breda*
This Van Gogh cycle route takes you past all the Van Gogh highlights in and around Breda and Tilburg. Breda has three Van Gogh Monuments: the Grote Kerk church, Huize Mertersem and the cemetery on the Haagweg in the Princenhage district. There are audio information points in front of the monuments where visitors can hear all about them. In Tilburg the route passes Van Gogh’s old secondary school (former royal palace, now city hall) and his boarding house. Both locations are Van Gogh Monuments. The route between Breda and Tilburg runs along the Strijbeekse Heide heath, Chaamse Bossen forest, Alphense Bergen hills and a number of beautiful estates south of Tilburg.

Tilburg: Vincent’s first drawing lessons
Vincent received his first drawing lessons from Constant Huijsmans at his secondary school in Tilburg, the former palace of King Willem II. This is where he learned the principles of the subject. Vincent’s Art Room forms a bridge between then and now, and inspires new young talent with Vincent Van Gogh’s unique way of working.


Van Gogh Church (permanent)
The exhibition in the Van Gogh Church shows visitors how Vincent struggled with drawing, but how, with toil and hard work, he got better and better at it. How he fell in love with his cousin Kee Vos and the drama that unfolded. How he got into a fight with his father, and left Etten at Christmas 1881, but could never forget it.

  • €5.50 per person
  • Wednesday to Sunday from 13.30 – 17.00 (Groups also on other days and times, on request)
  • Access to the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur + Film: A Sower in Etten (Dutch with English, German and French subtitles) + walking guide book ‘Ettense Mijl’ (in Dutch). Optional: Coffee or tea with a Petit Crêpe Vincent (€3.50)
  • Dutch-English-French-German-Spanish-Italian-Japanese-Chinese

Experience Tour ‘Becoming Vincent’
Host Vincent Martens not only shares Van Gogh’s first name but also his place of birth. From an early age, he was curious about the life story of the famous painter. He welcomes you to his home with a typical delicacy from the time of Van Gogh, and during the 90 to 120-minute tour, he reveals some of Vincent van Gogh’s best-kept secrets. Included are an extra snack and drinks (coffee or tea and a toast to Vincent van Gogh with his favourite drink Absynth).

  • €30 per person
  • Bookings and availability:
  • Dutch-English

Come closer! Tales in the church
Guide and Van Gogh-expert Lia Mars tells stories about Vincent Van Gogh’s loved ones in the Van Gogh Church. Interesting facts about the relationship with his father and his mother, his brothers and sisters, his family, his friends and his Etten models. And of course also about the unrequited love for his cousin Kee Vos.

  • Dates: 21 and 29 September, 13 and 26 October, 9 and 24 November, 8 and 14 December, 4 and 12 January
  • Times: At 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00 on the above dates.
  • Dutch (English on request)
  • Exhibition ‘Come closer!’

Van Gogh cycling routes Etten-Leur*
These Van Gogh cycling routes showcase the five Van Gogh Monuments in Etten-Leur. The route leads through the surrounding villages of Hoeven, where Vincent’s father preached, and St.Willebrord, where one of Vincent’s favourite models lived. One of the routes leads past several hundred pollard willows, which Vincent loved. The route goes over clay and sand, through woods and grasslands.

Etten-Leur: the start of Vincent’s artistic career
In 1881 Vincent moved in with his parents in Etten. He had decided to follow his calling and become an artist. A turning point in his life. The Etten-Leur registry office is the first place where he registers his profession as a painter. It is in Etten where the 28-year-old Van Gogh has his first workshop and where his career as a painter starts.


The Vincentre Museum interactively presents how van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen. Visitors are immersed in his era and discover what drove and influenced him when he worked on his first large canvases. Visitors to Nuenen can also view 23 places that are reminiscent of him or played an important role in his life.

  • €8 per person
  • Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 – 17.00
  • Audiotour Dutch-English-German-French-Spanish-Italian-Japanese-Chinese

Exhibition Van Gogh Family Then and Now in Vincentre (permanent)
Van Gogh made a quarter of his total oeuvre in Nuenen, so it makes sense that there is a special bond between the Van Gogh family and Nuenen. The family was involved in the restoration of the parsonage, loaned paintings for a major exhibition in 1965, opened the Van Gogh documentation centre in 1976, and the Vincentre in 2010. This exhibition examines the Van Gogh family’s relationship with Nuenen.

Exhibition of Van Gogh’s painting friends from Eindhoven in Vincentre (permanent)
All four of them are from Eindhoven: Dimmen Gestel, Antoon Hermans, Anton Kerssemakers and Willem van de Wakker. Van Gogh teaches them to paint even better. They become his friends and are commendable amateur painters. 14 works of art by these four painter friends are displayed in the Vincentre.

Exhibition Artists of Bonnard are inspired by Vincent van Gogh ( 5 Sep. – 13 Oct. 2019).
Galerie Bonnard in Nuenen invited artists to create two works in which the thought of Van Gogh was central. A special exhibition in which today’s modern realists go beyond their daily working methods and subjects in order to follow in Van Gogh’s footsteps.

Outdoor exhibition Faces of the world: through the eyes of Vincent van Gogh ( 2 Sep. – 6 Oct. 2019)
The fifty best entries of the international Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2019 will be exhibited on large canvases in the centre of Nuenen.

Walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps – Nuenen
Art lover and host Hans lives in Nuenen and works as a guide in the Vincentre museum. There are no fewer than 23 locations reminiscent of Van Gogh in Nuenen, fourteen of which are featured in his paintings. Hans shows you around and takes you to the church. A special experience because this church is accessible for Airbnb guests as an exception. Follow in Van Gogh’s footsteps and see what he saw and what inspired him.

  • €30 per person
  • Bookings and availability:
  • Dutch-English

Salon Nune Ville
Visit the ancestral home of Margot Begemann, Vincent van Gogh’s lover, situated next to the parsonage where the Van Gogh family lived in Nuenen. The current owner will show you the house, including the art salon with paintings by Vincent van Gogh’s painter friends from The Hague and Nuenen. In the attic you will find original 19th century servants’ rooms.

  • Saturdays, from 13.00 – 16.00, one tour every hour, 10 people at a time
  • €4.50 per person
  • Dutch-English

Van Gogh cycling routes around Nuenen*
This Van Gogh route really lets you cycle where Van Gogh walked. It is like cycling through a painting, through a living collection of buildings and landscapes. The route from Eindhoven runs along the four Van Gogh Monuments in Eindhoven: the Genneper watermill, the Collse watermill that Van Gogh painted, the house where his painter friend Antoon Hermans lived, and the St. Catharina church, which features on one of Van Gogh’s pen drawings. As a link between Eindhoven and Nuenen lies the world-famous, innovative and artistic Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path. The 600-metre long cycle path consists of thousands of stones that light up as soon as it gets dark. The design is inspired by Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’.

Nuenen: painter of the people and first masterpiece
Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen from December 1883 to November 1885. His stay there can be considered one of the most important and productive periods of his life. Vincent made almost a quarter of his total oeuvre in Nuenen. It is also the place where he painted his very first masterpiece: The Potato Eaters.

*Van Gogh Cycle routes

  • Maps and app available in Dutch-English. Printed road maps for sale at Van Gogh heritage sites. Routes are Independently cyclable.
  • Flat terrain and clear signage. Also suitable for leisure cyclists.
  • The free app ‘Routes in Brabant’ and information columns provide interesting background information on the way.