Vienna to create world first art project using robotic technology in London

One artist, two robots, three pieces of art and a one of a kind art project initiated by the Vienna Tourist Board.

Testing IRB4600 & Alex Kiessling
©WienTourismus – Michael Stelzhammer

On Thursday 26th September 2013, Vienna will make art history in Trafalgar Square. For the first time ever, one artist will create three pieces of art in three separate cities at the same time, using advanced robotic technology: Long Distance Art: Global.Studio.Vienna.

Viennese artist Alex Kiessling will create a unique drawing in Vienna, captured by sensors and transferred via satellite to robots in both London and Berlin which will replicate the drawing. A live stream will allow Londoners to watch both the artist in Vienna and the live feed from Berlin.

The public is encouraged to come down to Trafalgar Square to witness the challenging project and learn about this new technology in the art world where originals and replications overlap. The event will take place in Trafalgar Square from 10am to 5pm and ultimately showcase how art can connect cultures and cities. 

Today visitors will find both tradition and innovation in Vienna, a cultural capital, offering a rich diversity of styles and eras from Baroque opulence to the avant-garde. As home to one of the ten largest cultural complexes in the world in the MuseumsQuartier, where Alex Kiessling will be working, the city is positioned to blend together the old and the new effortlessly.

Alex Kiessling commented:
If Andy Warhol’s Factory was a collection of assistants who carried out the work of their master, then the idea of robotic assistance redefines the concept completely. In this process several pieces come to life at the same time in different cities worldwide. In a decentralized global workshop or studio.”

Norbert Kettner, CEO, Vienna Tourist Board, added:
Vienna’s long and illustrious artistic tradition provides fertile ground for artists. Art in all its forms has always played a part in the lives of the city’s inhabitants – and much more so than in most other major cities. The Long Distance Art project is designed to focus attention on Vienna’s vibrant contemporary art scene, drawing a contrast with the rich cultural heritage that the Austrian capital is famous for. A city that only has eyes for the past does not deserve such a heritage – which is why Vienna is more than happy to show off its contemporary side.”

The Long Distance Art – Global.Studio.Vienna. project centres on the groundbreaking combination of contemporary art with cutting-edge technology. This also reflects Vienna’s smart city status, and its standing as one of Europe’s most vibrant, innovative and rapidly expanding cities.

For more information and a live stream of the event on 26th September 2013 visit