The World’s Oldest App

Tour Jerusalem’s old city with a smart phone as your free guide

Visitors to Jerusalem’s Old City can now download a free app that offers 16 self-guided audio walking tours, complete with maps, videos, photos and further information to enhance their experience.

The app offers tours in English, Russian or Hebrew and will take visitors on a stroll through the Old City’s historic, religious and cultural sites, as well as down its lesser known yet enchanting alleyways.

Available through the app, the tours included are:

  • In the footsteps of Christian sects
  • The Herodian Quarter
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • Via Dolorosa
  • Ramparts Walk, Southern Section
  • Ramparts Walk, Northern Section
  • Jerusalem in the First and Second Temple period
  • From Mount Zion to Jaffa Gate
  • The Temple Mount Compound
  • Marketplaces in the Old City

There are also five accessible tours that are available for visitors with disabilities to download with titles including, “The Jewish Quarter”, “Via Dolorosa”, “Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period”, “From Mount Zion to Jaffa Gate” and “The Temple Mount Compound”.

For visitors without a smart phone, coloured brochures detailing the walking tours of the Old City are available from hotels, tourist sites and the city’s tourism offices. 

The app can be downloaded from

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