Music Festivals With A Finnish Flair

Finland’s diverse music scene is celebrated by a wide and wonderful collection of annual music festivals that take place throughout the country.

With such an ecclectic mix to choose from, music lovers are sure to find a Finnish festival that suits their ears. Fine tune a trip to Finland by combining it with one of these festivals coming up in the next few months:

Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival 17 -24 February
The extraordinary versatility of the accordion is brought out at this festival, where international accordion players show off their musical skills with their interpretations of classical, jazz, chamber, and dance music at a wide range of venues across the town of Kokkola, western Finland. With performances ranging from high-brow classical recitals to entertaining jazz improvisations and rock shows, even the most discerning of visitors will find a show that meets their musical needs. Kokkola is accessible with a direct train from Helsinki, which takes about five hours. Prices start at £88 return with VR (

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Oulu Music Festival 10 – 28 March
The city of Oulu is widely regarded as Finland’s musical hub, where rock, classical and jazz festivals take place around the year, including the Air Guitar World Championships and the rock festival Qstock. The wintertime Oulu Music Festival presents a multi-cultural programme of events that showcases diverse musical styles and artistic genres. This year’s line-up includes performances of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar, Grammy award-winner Angelique Kidjo and the rising Finnish star, Jo Stance. Return flights from London Heathrow/ Manchester to Oulu (via Helsinki) in March start from £267.97 per person/ £240.65 per person. For bookings visit +358 600 140 140 .

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Turku Jazz 14 – 17 March
As one of the longest running Jazz events in Finland, Turku Jazz attracts audiences from around Europe to the country’s oldest city and cultural hub. The contemporary festival features all forms of jazz music, from swing and blues to fusion and free jazz. Jam sessions and concerts are held in the city’s most renowned music venues and jazz clubs, which contribute to Turku’s renowned vibrant nightlife. Turku is a two hour train ride from Helsinki with prices starting at £27 return with VR (

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Finnair flies direct to Helsinki from Heathrow (return fares start from £191) and Manchester (return fares start from £22). Fares include all taxes and fees.

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