Lake Constance Update – Summer 2018

A round-up of what’s happening this year in a region that stretches across four countries

Schloss Salem which produces excellent wine

Bodensee, German for Lake Constance, is also the name of the region around the body of water and includes Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. The area sits at a natural crossroads between the south, east, north and the west. This geographical junction has seen many people pass through it who have left a rich cultural and culinary heritage.

Here are some of the highlight you can enjoy in the region

Bregenz Festival (18 July – 20 August 2018)

The famous opera festival on the world’s largest floating stage is held every year during the summer. The actors and audience turn the city into a multicultural meeting point. The floating stage is the main event but the accompanying programme such as the annual opera in the Festspielhaus, top-notch orchestral concerts, modern theatre productions and the “Kunst aus der Zeit” series provide more than enough reasons to enjoy a visit. This year’s opera is Carmen.

Carmen – Opera on the Lake 2018

Wine Festivals

Every year during late summer and autumn, numerous wine festivals are held in all four countries around Lake Constance. You can taste the different wines of the region accompanied by local specialities such as fish dishes and fine cheese. With their varied music and entertainment programmes, the wine festivals are a special experience for the entire family. Cool cellars are transformed into atmospheric wine bars, the villages dress themselves up with flowers, coopers showcase their work and horse-drawn carts trundle through the streets… So drop in and experience the inimitable atmosphere for yourself!

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Wine Hiking

With the Alps as a backdrop, it’s hard to imagine somewhere more picturesque. The Thurgau Lake Constance region is well known for its wine, and a wine hike is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the local wine culture. The 9km trail is a loop that starts and ends at Weinfelden train station and can be enjoyed all year around. The Wine Trail leads directly through fragrant vineyards, passing by several wineries, and offers a fantastic views over the village to Alpstein. Don’t forget to pick up a backpack from the customer services counter at the train station. The backpack includes bread, mineral water and wine glasses, as well as a key to the wine safe, which holds traditional wines from the region such as the Blauburgunder and Müller-Thurgau, for you to taste for yourself.

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Maestrani’s Chocolarium

Having opened in 2017, a visit to Maestrani’s Chocolarium near St. Gallen in Switzerland is a must for those with a sweet tooth. Experience the chocolate production process first hand, create your own chocolate, enjoy chocolate tastings and much more. Maestrani chocolate is made using a secret recipe and the results are melt in the mouth.

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Culinary Ships

In a remarkable story of preservation, Hohentwiel, which served on Lake Constance (Bodensee) for the German Railway operators from 1913 to 1962 and did not return to service until 1990, is now the only paddle steamer on the lake. Threatened with scrapping after 1979, an international organisation was formed to maintain and preserve the ship which had been used as a Sailing Club HQ at Bregenz on the Austrian shore of the lake, and between 1986 and 1989 she was almost totally rebuilt. Now, the ship plays host to numerous cruise events around the lake including brunches, English-style afternoon tea, gourmet meals, and more.

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