How to Explore Culture Through Sports

Sports are important all over the world, from the largest cities to the most remote villages. There are few cultures that don’t value sporting activities as a vital part of their identity, and for many, sport is one of the key aspects of their cultural heritage. If you’re interested in the cultures of other countries, looking at the sports, they play, and their attitudes to the sport can tell you a great deal about the local people

Global sports

Global sports are those that are played in multiple countries around the world. Football is a good example – that’s soccer rather than American football, which although popular in some countries isn’t as universal as soccer. From the richest to the poorest countries, football brings communities together and unites nations in support of their country’s team.

In wealthier countries, football is big business, with club owners and shareholders standing to make millions from their investments. There’s also a lot of money to be lost in football, and a bad season can spell disaster for a team. Players earn extraordinary amounts of money and are feted and admired, but also bear a huge weight of responsibility for helping to win matches.

Meanwhile, in poorer countries, kids who have virtually nothing practice their skills, for the love of the sport and the pleasure of playing, but also with an eye to the possibility that if they’re really good, they might be able to earn a living from their talents.

Golf is another global sport, but for the most part, one that’s rather more relaxed. If you get the chance to play golf when you’re travelling, you’ll gain valuable insight into the culture and how people’s attitudes to life shape their approach to golf. As long as you have a quality kit like the PXG 0211 clubs, you can take a small bag of essential golf clubs with you when you travel and experience a game or two for yourself.

Local sports

As well as the familiar sports, you’ll also come across others that you know little or nothing about. You may have heard of camel racing, but until you’ve watched these magnificent beasts streaking across the sand and seen the response of the onlookers, you can’t possibly appreciate it as a sport or as a cultural event.

Before you embark on a trip abroad, it’s worth finding out about the local sports and where they’re played. You might find you’re going to be in the right place to experience a significant annual event, like cheese rolling in England’s west country, that has as much to do with local tradition and celebration as it does with sport.

In many ways, sports are a microcosm of the world, a representation of how different cultures view life, themselves, and others, and as such it’s a valuable resource when you want to learn more about a particular culture. Attending a sporting get together is also guaranteed to be an enjoyable event in its own right, providing the perfect combination of cultural exploration and holiday entertainment.