Get Your Cultural Fix
with Small Luxury Hotels Of The World™(SLH)

A trip away from home is never complete without experiencing a little bit of culture in the destination and finding out something new. With these Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) properties, guests don’t even need to leave the building to get a cultural fix and discover world renowned collections and fascinating history.

Hotel Éclat, Beijing

Hotel Claris, Barcelona 
Barcelona is perhaps not the first destination that springs to mind when it comes to learning about ancient Egypt, but at Hotel Claris, there’s an ancient art collection and over 400 Egyptian artefacts to unearth. The SLH property’s Egyptian museum has pieces dating from the Old Kingdom (2686 BC – 2134 BC) to the Roman Era (2nd century AD), most of which are from funerary contexts, such as coffins, canopic jars and ushabtis statues (substitutes for the deceased). Other works reveal the breadth and variety of the Egyptian pantheon with figures of gods in human or animal shape, like Osirus, Horus the child, Bes, Hathor and Neit, while the realm of daily life in Ancient Egypt is illustrated by ceramic containers for cosmetic products, carpenter’s axes and spoons.

Relais La Suvera, Pievescola, Italy
One of the world’s finest museum hotels, Relais La Suvera is an historic villa in the heart of Tuscany full of precious antiques and heirlooms.  The hotel’s long and fascinating history – it was once a medieval fortress and later a Papal palace, and now belongs to an aristocratic family – is explored at the hotel’s private museum. The museum is managed by the Cardinal Giovanni Ricci Cultural Association, which operates under the patronage of UNESCO.

Hotel Éclat, Beijing  
This SLH property is one of Beijing’s most elegant hotels, housed in an architecturally striking gleaming glass pyramid. Hotel Eclat’s stunning contemporary art collection includes original sculptures and paintings by Andy Warhol, Pierre Matter and Zeng Fangzhi, which are found in the hotel’s guestrooms and public areas. It’s also home to China’s largest private collection of works by Salvador Dali.

Villa Mangiacane, Florence
This stunning Tuscan villa showcases over 220 pieces of original Shona sculpture, which can be found throughout the hotel, its grounds and beautiful exotic gardens. Shona art is widely accepted as the most important art movement to emerge from Africa in the Twentieth Century, first gaining international exposure in the 1950s and includes Prince Charles among its many collectors. Early sculptors were primarily inspired by Shona mythology, yet subject matter can be seen as continuing a rich cultural heritage that had previously been mainly folklore and ritual. Villa Mangiacane’s growing collection is now one of the largest in Europe.

WH Ming Hotel, Shanghai
SLH property WH Ming Hotel offers guests a unique experience in Chinese tradition, drawing inspiration from the history and future of Shanghainese culture. Its Culinary Time Tunnel is a ‘mini museum’ that takes guests on a journey through Chinese history starting from the Qing Dynasty through six period-inspired rooms. The tunnel is designed to allow guests to not only learn about China’s history through 3D video presentations on the walls but also to taste the food and experience the culinary evolution of Shanghai.

Altstadt Vienna
Spread across five floors, modern works of art by Gilbert & George, Andy Warhol, Annie Leibowitz and many more decorate the walls throughout Altstadt Vienna. Every room, suite and apartment is styled differently, ranging from classic modernity to chic decadence, complemented by the extraordinary art pieces. The works of art were bought by Otto Ernst Wiesenthal, the owner, from international exhibitions and art fairs, and carefully placed within the hotel. The owner also gives high priority to sponsoring and supporting young artists, and as such, the hotel regularly hosts exhibitions on its ground floor.

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