Elsinore – Home of Hamlet

In this special year, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Kronborg Castle in Denmark, Elsinore in Hamlet, is staging some very exciting commemorative events.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle

Inside Kronborg Castle

Inside Kronborg Castle

Scene from Hamlet

Scene from Hamlet


This year Kronborg Castle is presenting ‘HAMLET LIVE’; a unique and spectacular theatrical adventure for the whole family and a type of interactive attraction never before seen in Denmark.

HAMLET LIVE is running from June 1 to August 31, 2016 at Kronborg Castle and Hamlet and his family has taken up residence in the castle, and their personal tragedy is played out for the tourists.

The story of the Danish Prince Hamlet and his tragic fate is one of the world’s best known plays. But the drama has also been perceived as an intellectual exercise in intricate wordplay, so perhaps a play that only attracts seasoned playgoers with a taste for literature.

For this Anniversary year, Kronborg Castle has focused on creating a ‘Hamlet Adventure’ for the whole family. “We want to reach out to both the Danish families and foreign tourists with the amazing tale of Hamlet – regardless of age, nationality or language barriers,” explains Kronborg Castle Manager Erik Als.

During HAMLET LIVE, guests experience the essence of the story boiled down six essential main characters that carry the story. Most of the dialogue is translated into an easily understandable English, faithful to Shakespeare’s own words,” says Peter Holst-Beck, who wrote HAMLET LIVE together with the English director and Shakespeare expert Barry McKenna.

Hamlet Happens Before The Audience’s Eyes
This summer Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, and Yorrick the King’s Jester take up residence in the Palace’s halls and private chambers. When visitors walk into the Courtyard of Kronborg Castle, they tumble right into the story. The fate of Hamlet happens before their very eyes as they progress around the castle. Nobody knows who they meet and when.

Suddenly runs Ophelia screaming through the Courtyard. Hamlet fences with Laertes in the Great Hall and the Ghost appears shrouded in mist and glides through the dark and dingy passages beneath the castle.

The main story of Hamlet is told in a sequence of small scenes. However, sometimes the actors will reach out to the audience for good advice along the way, not as actors but as real live Renaissance people who might be glimpsed through the mists of time engaged in their everyday activities. Now and then a scene will erupt into life, at other times they will observe a slice of life, a living picture of days gone by. In our Hamlet Universe guests fulfil the function Horatio does in the play, becoming ‘honoured guests’ and eyewitnesses to the real life situations that arise.

It’s our hope that at ‘Hamlet Live’ our honoured guests will discover how culture, theatre and this historic venue can merge into a truly unique experience that will warm and excite their hearts.” says Peter Holst-Beck, who is known for the theatrical success ‘Korsbæk Bakken’.

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Shakespeare Puppets at Hamlet´s Castle – July 2016

Shakespeare Puppets at Hamlet’s Castle are mimic puppet theatre shows for the whole family (6+). Shakespearean interpretations of 30 minutes length are presented each year at Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg. Poetic, wonderful and humorous performances by some of today’s most acclaimed puppeteers and puppet theatre companies. The open-air performances take place in July each year and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of nationality.

Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet´s Castle – August 2016

The Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle is the world’s oldest Shakespeare tradition, founded in 1816. It is a Danish national event, presented each year at Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg. Spectacular and surprising worldclass Shakespearean interpretations are staged and performed by some of the world’s most recognized performers and theatre companies. The open-air performances take place in August each year, and have Danish and English subtitles.

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North Sealand

The area where Kronborg Castle is situation, North Sealand is known as the ‘Danish Riviera’ and it offers a mix of natural beauty, culture old and new, and innovative ‘New Nordic’ cuisine. Highlights include the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the ornate Renaissance castle Frederiksborg with its Baroque Garden and long, uncrowded, sandy beaches.

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