Discover the world’s rich cultural diversity at The Tropenmuseum

Discover the world’s rich cultural diversity at The Tropenmuseum

Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum is a museum about people and is housed in one of the finest museum buildings in Holland.

This impressive national monument adjacent to Oosterpark – dates from 1926. The imposing Grand Hall provides a panorama of what the museum has to offer: an extensive permanent exhibition – including the colonial history of Holland – plus regularly changing exhibitions with objects that individually tell a human story.

Stories about people

The Tropenmuseum reveals stories about universal human themes such as grieving, celebrating, courting, worshiping and fighting. They make you want to learn more about the world’s enormous cultural diversity – from Africa to West and Southeast Asia, from New Guinea to Latin America. In the Tropenmuseum, you will see that despite our differences we are all the same: people.

Temporary exhibitions in 2016

Rhythm & Roots and The Buddha A temporary exhibition called Rhythm & Roots opens on 13 May 2016. From jazz to salsa, from hip-hop to rock-‘n-roll: music knows no frontiers and is universal. It does something to you. It moves you and makes you move, just as music itself is constantly on the move. The exhibition runs until 30 October 2016.

From 23 September 2016 there is The Buddha exhibition. The Buddha is one of the most inspirational figures in world history. But what makes the life story of this spiritual leader so intriguing? Why do Buddha statues from different countries differ so much
from each other? And what do people hope to find in Buddhism? Get the answers at the Tropenmuseum.

Eating and shopping

Adjacent to the museum there is the new Grand Café De Tropen, an establishment that welcomes visitors for anything from coffee to lunch, drinks or dinner. The museum shop sells items from all over the world including international books jewellery and textiles.

Visit the Tropenmuseum

The Tropenmuseum is open from Tuesday through Sunday – and in school holidays also on Monday – from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs. Admission costs €15 for adults and €8 for those aged 4 to 18. Admission is free with the I Amsterdam City Card or Holland Pass.

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