BIOCULTURE: bridging nature, organic wine and art in the Marche, Italy


7 artists, 3 weeks on the road, 6 wineries: a journey to the heart of Italy’s organic winemaking.

WHAT IT IS: This September, a group of British and Italian artists will set off on a journey through the hills and vineyards of the Italian Region of Marche, to discover the heart of Italy’s organic winemaking district.

The group will walk for three weeks through the silent and unspoiled countryside of the central Italian Region, on a quest to learn the secrets of organic winemaking. The walk, the idyllic environment, the scenery and the wine will inspire them in their artistic work. Bioculture – Arts Walks with Wine is a project aimed at promoting organic wine consortium Terroir Marche and its products on the UK market.

The artists’ entire work will subsequently become part of a multimedia e-book, to be published in December. It will be an original artistic travel guide designed for exploring the innovative path that the artists themselves have walked for the first time, following the ‘organic route’ of Marche, through restaurants, farm-holiday homes and winemakers involved in the project; it also includes two Natural Parks, four Orange Banners, organic beekeeper co-operatives, green anise and saffron producers, and many more such wonders that make Marche a distillation of the best of Italy.

WHEN and WHERE: The walk will take place from 30 August to 18 September. Constantly walking, this fellowship of artists will travel through hills, country paths, rural communities and six of Italy’s most distinctive vineyards of Terroir Marche consortium.

  • The progress and discoveries of the walk will be narrated daily on the blog by the critically-acclaimed British writer and poet Rachel Rose Reid, who has been dubbed the ‘Queen of the New Wave of storytellers’ by BBC Radio3. Keep an eye on it for daily updates by the artists themselves: where they are, who they meet and on their inspiring work.
  • The website for the Bioculture project ( will be constantly updated to keep the public up to speed with the artists and the progress of their journey.
  • Check out the Facebook page of the project: Facebook – Artwalks.

Aurora (Offida) >website
Fiorano (Cossignano) >website
La Distesa (Cupramontana) >website
La Marca di San Michele (Cupramontana) >website
Pievalta (Maiolati Spontini) >website
Paolini & Stanford Winery (Offida) >website


Rachel Rose Reid – Writer, storyteller, poet and performance artist – UK
Hernan Chavar – Illustrator – Argentina
Alessio Ballerini – Sound designer – Italy
Federico Bomba – Theatre director – Italy
Fabrizio Carotti – Visual artist – Italy
Eva Frapiccini – Photographer and graphic artist – Italy
Simona Sala – Performer – Italy