Ancient Anatolia – The Origins of Belief

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The history of religion. Where did it start? What relevance does this have to belief today? How similar are our beliefs to the ancients who worshipped over 10,000 years ago?

Many tours will take you to the birthplace of Christianity 2,000 years ago, but none will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery and learning dating back nearly 12,000 years – to the very origins of our beliefs.  And take you there under the expert guidance of a former nun.

Ancient Anatolia – The Origins of Belief A NEW TOUR from Jon Baines Tours, will take you to Gobekli Tepe in Northern Mesopotamia, South East Turkey. The Temple was dated as being 11,600 years old – that’s pre cities, pre wheel, pre agriculture, and 7,000 years older than Stonehenge. It’s the oldest place of worship ever discovered.

As well as visiting the site you will stay in Sanliurfa, biblical Urfa. It was here that Abraham became a monotheist – the start of the monotheist tradition that led to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

You’ll also visit Istanbul and Diyarbakir with its ancient black city walls that measure 6km in length. You’ll head onto the walled citadel of Mardin before departing for the lovely ancient honey-coloured village of Hasankeyf, clinging to the rocks of a gorge above the Tigris River. Next stop is the pilgrimage city of Sanliurfa (the ancient city of Urfa), the archaeological park of Nemrut Dagi and the old city of Gaziantep with its beautiful Mosaic Museum, also known for its gastronomy.

Anatolia is a land not only rich in history, it is the cradle of belief. But this isn’t just a tour of fascinating and ancient sites – it’s an opportunity to learn. The tour leader, Lavinia Byrne, is a religious commentator and former nun. Lavinia will also give a number of relevant talks on the history and culture of the region throughout the tour.

The tour takes place from 9 – 18 September 2012.

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